Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wet Moon 6 page 13

in panel 2 Glen looks like he's grabbing his pec or something. i always notice weird little things like that only after i've drawn something and looked it again later on, it's strange how those things were unnoticeable at the time.

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  1. so many holes in this comic, where is the Cleo eats post it notes? I haven't seen any of those in ages is that mystery ever going to be solved?

    Is trilby dead or alive?!?!?! I think if she was dead just let her be dead, don't' be afraid to kill a character, it makes the event less important, I was kind of hoping she would be dead it would be the BIGGEST thing to happen to wet moon but I don't think she's dead...

    Myrtle is suppose to be this attached psycho but she doesn't seem to care where Cleo is? If she so obsessed with Cleo from what the other characters say about her why doesn't she act like it? Yes I know she stabbed someone but she did that on random, in that scene she stabled Nicole then trilby only because Nicole got away, with that mind set she's more like hunter. I think it would be more exciting if she was stalking Cleo, and SPYING on her....if you've ever had a psycho girlfriend/boyfriend you would know that they dog you, text you all the time, try to call you, why is Cleo's phone not ringing off the hook? Cleo's hanging out with Mara but Myrtle is none the wiser. -.-'

    I love the characters but sometimes it's frustrating wasn't Cleo just talking in the hallway with Malady, now she's alone with Glen, what did she just ditch Malady in the hallway or what? did malady run off, get lost, go to bed? I feel confused.

    Also wasn't Mara wearing a different outfit when she left to go have a cigarette? Now she's in pjs, I don't get how Zia is so talkative in the opening scene, then Malady is talking smack about Zia to Cleo "She will not shut up, an' can't fuckin' believe if Fern had any drugs", (which Malady doesn't strike me as an anti drug person nor does Zia seem like she's into drugs she has not spoken about drugs before and this is book 5?) but I also don’t understand when Zia bumps into Mara in the hallway she's all quiet, her personality does a 180 from outgoing to quiet.

    I kind of wish that Mara would've said how she wanted to make a mummy movie in Fern's house herself instead of Glen, I don't remember Mara talking about her filming interests ever in the other books but I'll have to go back. Does anyone know what book that is from?

    Another note, When you are drunk IT is the hardest to quit smoking, Drinking and smoking walk hand and hand. When you are drinking your mind is altered, I bout dropped my jaw to the floor when I saw Audrey refuse a cigarette when she's piss ass drunk on the floor. being a former smoker I know that would be NEAR impossible. Peer pressure is a powerful thing and so is alcohol. I feel like the writer never smoked a cigarette in their life!

    Another question? Cleo and Trilby are such good friends and all of their roommates and stuff are having a party at fern's house, but no one cares about trilby, no one asks about her where she is? I'm surprised they don’t try to call her and invite her to the party? Sometimes I feel like Cleo is a little self centered, and cares very little for her friends, she has no alliance to any one of them, seeing how she'll turn on them when one makes fun of the other, that’s probably why they leave post it notes about her in the bathroom.

    1. How can you claim all these holes when you haven't finished reading it? We're barely a quarter way in.

      It's only been a day since Cleo and Myrtle saw each other.

      Did you notice EVERYONE changed into their pyjammas? I'd rather not see every moment passing just to watch everyone change their clothes.

      Trilby was invited to the party in the last book.

      And drinking and smoking DO NOT always walk hand-in-hand. Even smokers can refuse a cigarette when hammered. I've refused cigarettes while hammered when I smoked, AND when I was hammered and quitting. Your mind may be altered, but you do not lose all self-control.

    2. I'm not sure those are 'plot holes' so much as unfinished threads and character observations that will probably be important components in the development of the series as it continues.

      This comic is so awesome I'm responding to blog comments from more than a year ago. And there will be more stragglers that pop up in the years to come. Something about these gothic, self-obsessed cuties just brings out the passion in people :)

    3. @Jorja: oh man, i forgot about that comment! i guess it's cool i struck a nerve, at least? XD

      thank you so much again, i really appreciate the compliments and comments!!

  2. Hey hey hey, look at that! Thank you for all your beautiful art--see? Three years later, and I'm packing in another look, getting to feel cool for being acknowledged in an old thread. Thank you and congrats!

  3. Hey hey hey, look at that! Thank you for all your beautiful art--see? Three years later, and I'm packing in another look, getting to feel cool for being acknowledged in an old thread. Thank you and congrats!