Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wet Moon 6 page 13

in panel 2 Glen looks like he's grabbing his pec or something. i always notice weird little things like that only after i've drawn something and looked it again later on, it's strange how those things were unnoticeable at the time.

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Wet Moon 6 page 11

sometimes even though i think i'm drawing straight lines, they're actually slanted and i only discover this after the page is scanned into the computer. this one is really slanty! they always slant to the left, too, i guess because i'm right-handed? on particularly slanty ones sometimes i'll try to rotate the panels a little to adjust them, but then that often makes the outer edges look zig-zaggy, so usually i either leave it as-is or keep the adjustments minimal.

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cleo & Mara 02

click for full size! the full image is a little bit bigger, i had to scale it here because it was too wide and went into the right hand column.

Cleo and Mara's hair will be explained in volume 6, i can say no more! ;)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Wet Moon 6 page 10

man, this new blogger/blogspot interface sucks. i hate how it makes you put in all the HTML coding now, like paragraph breaks and stuff, instead of just being able to type regularly and blogspot converts it! what kind of upgrade is that?! and before, i could be editing an old post and jump straight to a new one: what i'll do is go into the edit mode for the previous post and cut-and-paste the page-scroller code at the bottom, and i could jump from that straight to a new post. but now in the edit mode, there's no "new post" button anymore, you have to go back to the main dashboard and then hit new post. hmph.

and despite using the exact same code for the page scrolling widget at the bottom here, the new formatting screws up the width of the bars and i can't figure out why. >:| EDIT: Lisje figured it out, blogger deletes the width value for some reason! WHY?!?

i also hate how it displays how many pageviews you get. maybe the old version did that but it wasn't prominent, in this new version it's all right there and you can't miss it. now i can see how each new post decreases in views from the last and how my Nissa & Nora post only had 5 views, a couple of which were probably me. how does that happen?! i guess the post only gets views when somebody clicks directly on it, not reads it from the main blog page? i don't know. page stats are too discouraging! XD

anyway, meanwhile AGAIN! Mara and Zia trapped in the maze of Fern's house!

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Nissa & Nora 02

this one was almost a disaster with the ink wash and markers, just like the previous Nissa & Nora picture!

in this drawing i wanted to play up the differentiation between the two of them, both the physical differences like Nora is skinnier than Nissa, Nissa wears glasses sometimes while Nora sticks with contacts, and the personality differences too. and i liked the idea of Nissa dying her hair but courteously keeping it just a small part so there wouldn't be a risk of the dye getting onto Nora's hair.

they've only been in photographs and mentioned in the comic so far, and they're in a brief part of Wet Moon 6, but they'll have much bigger parts in volume 7.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


not technically WET MOON, but that and WATER BABY both take place in the city of Wet Moon/the same continuity. Wet Moon is never mentioned by name in WATER BABY, except that Louisa wears a pair of shorts with "Wet Moon" printed on the butt (meant to be her softball shorts, as she plays short stop in the local team, the Wet Moon Worm Lizards). Wet Moon's location is revealed in WATER BABY, though, to be somewhere in Florida (i don't believe it's ever stated in WET MOON itself, but i might be forgetting...). anyway, Brody made a cameo in WET MOON 3 (and Louisa in WET MOON 5!) so she might as well be a Wet Moon character at this point. can anybody find cameos by Cleo, Trilby, Audrey and Natalie in WATER BABY? ;)

other than Louisa's cameo in Wet Moon 5, i hadn't drawn any of the Water Baby characters since 2007. this drawing of Brody was a sketch i did back in 2006, i believe before i'd even started drawing the book, and when a fan requested a new drawing of her i decided to dig out this old sketch and rework it and finish it up. in my mind this would be how Brody would look if she ever shows up in Wet Moon again, with a bunch of new tattoos.

originally i had wanted there to be a second Water Baby book which would have picked up immediately where the first book left off, and detail Brody and Louisa trying to get back home. regarding continuity, Water Baby takes place before Wet Moon volume 1; the scenes before Brody loses her leg are many months before it, and post-injury the story takes place in the summer before WM1, a few months before WM1 picks up with Cleo going to college. in Water Baby 2 Brody and Louisa were going to have a big falling out and their friendship left in shambles, so when they cameo in WET MOON, they wouldn't be friends anymore after their big break-up. i think i might do that differently that now, though, so maybe they'll be the best of friends if they show up together in Wet Moon again. :D

Brody and Louisa are 18 and the book takes place in the summer after high school is over and the graduating class are about to go to college come fall, so over the years i've had a couple people ask why Brody in Wet Moon 3 is hanging out with Fall, who's 15 and a high school freshman, when Brody should be in college: it's because Brody missed so much school because of her leg injury, she had to be held back to make up all the work she missed, which probably amounts to almost a year since not only did she have to recover but she's also really lazy, haha. i want to bring Brody and Louisa into WET MOON as bigger cast members but i haven't found the space for them yet, and i'd have to re-introduce them in a way that wouldn't be confusing for people who haven't read Water Baby. i don't want to start assuming readers know who the characters are in the way that Marvel and DC comics often do. WET MOON should always be standalone even though it has some connections to another book.