Friday, April 13, 2012

Wet Moon 6 page 11

sometimes even though i think i'm drawing straight lines, they're actually slanted and i only discover this after the page is scanned into the computer. this one is really slanty! they always slant to the left, too, i guess because i'm right-handed? on particularly slanty ones sometimes i'll try to rotate the panels a little to adjust them, but then that often makes the outer edges look zig-zaggy, so usually i either leave it as-is or keep the adjustments minimal.

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  1. I dig the slanty panels on this page work because I feel like they add to the awkwardness/tension of the encounter.

  2. D'OH! Typo. Just ignore the word *work* in that last sentence.

  3. I agree that the lean of the verticals in the bottom two images does not take away from the effect at all. especially since the left-ward lean corresponds with the direction that the character is moving in (note: "the character" means that i don't know his name - but he's so CUTE!). yet again, your judgment as to how dim to make the hallway and shadows is spot on.

  4. character's name: Glen! ;)