Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wet Moon 6 page 8

poor Zia!

so i keep trying to think of various sorts of Wet Moon-related posts i could do in between the page updates, like behind-the-scenes stuff or highlighting people's Wet Moon fanart, or character profiles, or how a particular character came to be and developed and what i had in mind.

it's also tough because i'm always wary about getting too behind-the-scenes because i'm afraid it'll influence how people see the characters, i'm afraid if i reveal too much about my thought process or a character's inception that it'll affect people's own personal interpretations.

what sort of posts would you guys be interested in seeing?

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wet Moon 6 page 7

MEANWHILE AGAIN!! the mystery of Fern deepens!!! >:D and what is behind that little square door on the slanted ceiling?! drawing Fern's mansion is tough, especially in these dimly-lit scenes, i've never felt confident about my lighting/shadows so i'm never sure how shadowy to make the lighting look or how much black to spot. i had harsher shadows on this originally but it looked weird and made the mood all wrong, so i tried to stylize it a bit while still trying to get across that it was a dimly-lit hallway. i think my favorite thing about this page is that Cleo's shadow in panel 3 is a circle.

looking back on this page now i find it slightly confusing, like is it totally clear that Cleo is being startled while coming out of that doorway right as Malady passes by? i've done so many comic pages at this point in my career, you'd think i'd have all the little technical aspects figured out by now!

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wet Moon 6 page 6

meanwhile again! there's a bunch of intercutting in the beginning of this book, i'm sorry! it probably seems awkward in online format but i think it works well in the printed book.

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