Thursday, April 4, 2013

script + thumbnails

i don't do a lot of process posts mostly because i think my process is fairly straightforward and unremarkable, plus i'm lazy, but here we go!

i tried to find some Wet Moon 7 snippets that weren't super spoilery and i think these work okay, but if you're spoilerphobic then turn back now! this is a process from script to thumbnail. here's an excerpt of 7 pages.

some notes: i've been doing a thing where i color code scenes in my scripts to denote which characters each scene focuses on (Mara = red, Cleo = blue, Martin = mustardy color, etc.) so i can better pace things out and i can tell generally how much pagetime a given character has just by scrolling through the text document really fast, but i didn't include that here.. the parts where it says [CHARACTER] OUTFIT both tally up how many outfits each character has in the book so i know how many i have to lay out, and they also will refer to specific outfits once i gather those up and make easy-access collages of them for when i start drawing pages. the "artpage" header is how many pages i actually have to draw, minus the chapter dividers or black "pause" pages and stuff like that, i like to know how many pages i'm going to be drawing, or at least a general idea since sometimes i add or delete pages along the way. then the first page number is what the actual page number will be in the final book.

i wanted to do a thing where the script is alongside the thumbnails so you can follow along easily but it was too difficult and time-consuming, although it probably would have taken less time then jockeying with Blogger's annoying formatting.

anyway, here we go after the jump!