Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wet Moon 6 page 12


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  1. GASP! Is that the other side of the splotch in Cleo's room?! I just remembered that part about the girl named Chloe who disappeared... I had to go back to volume 1 and re-read it! And the part in volume 5 where a demonic-looking Fern comes up through it in Cleo's room is really freaky!! I'm getting excited all over again! XD

  2. WHA??? I don't remember any of that... but it sounds fucking awesome!

  3. The splotch looked familiar to me too, I was wondering when we'd hear more about Chloe & how Fern might be connected to whatever happened... SO WHEN'S THAT GONNA BE, HMMM ROSS? :')