Sunday, May 29, 2016


Here I am!!!

It's been almost a year since I posted last, it's crazy. I got so absorbed into working on Jem and the Holograms and trying to get it all finished. It's all done now, though, last night I finished my final issue for the time being. I can't believe I worked on Jem for about a year and a half, and it doesn't seem like that long, time really flies.

Anyway, now that Jem is done, that means I'm FINALLY going back to work on Wet Moon 7!!! The rest of 2016 is pretty wide open for me so hopefully I'll be able to get in a good 6+ months of work on WM7. I'm going to be rewriting a bunch of it and probably redoing most or all of the pages I had drawn so far.

I completely forgot to post here about the new edition of Wet Moon volume 1 that came out recently! It has my name fixed on it and a new cover designed by Annie Mok, as well as some extras in the back like character profiles and some fanart.

We're re-releasing each book one by one, it'll be so great to have new editions with my name updated on them all and nicer paper stock and all that. You can get it at all the usual booksellers like Amazon and also digitally at Comixology.

I think I might move this blog to Tumblr or another platform, Blogger is kind of a hassle to use... I don't know, I'll think about it. I wish Livejournal would come back into fashion, that was such a fun site. What I REALLY need to do is get my personal website redesigned and back up and running. What a pain!

Thank you as always for being so patient, you guys!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Advocate interview

i recently did a big important interview at The Advocate with Brian Andersen, click here to read it. i talk about coming out as transgender and how it's affected my work, particularly Wet Moon.

i touch on it only briefly but one of the main reasons (the other being money) why Wet Moon is taking so long (and Shadoweyes) is because i was too depressed to work much on my personal comics. it was like Wet Moon and Shadoweyes were too close to home and they represented the life i wanted to leave behind, and being so crushed underneath being trans and trying to figure out what to do, i just couldn't muster up any energy to work on Wet Moon volume 7 in any significant amount. it's been a struggle. since coming out, things have been getting better and i still don't feel 100% but i do feel better than ever. i'm slowly getting there, and so i've been thinking more and more about Wet Moon over the past year and i feel like i'm almost at a place emotionally and mentally that i'll be able to go back to work on it.

i'm not sure when, since i'm tied up with Jem & the Holograms right now and trying to make money to pay for transition expenses, but i'm thinking about doing weekly Wet Moon 7 pages as a webcomic next year. it's a really big book, and maybe if i start small and go page by page i'll be able to get some momentum on it and not feel so overwhelmed.

i miss all the Wet Moon characters! i can still draw pin-ups of them but it's not quite the same.

i want to thank all the fans who have been soooo amazingly patient over the years, you guys have been so awesome. it really means a lot when someone says they'll wait no matter how long it takes for me to finish volume 7, and knowing that people will wait gives me a lot of hope and encouragement. it makes me feel so much less stressed out.

thank you so much for sticking with me through all this.

Friday, June 12, 2015

All The Evils Offered Beneath Bloodied Halls Of Blackened Lust

ever wondered what Myrtle & the Slutty Angels' song All The Evils Offered Beneath Bloodied Halls Of Blackened Lust in Wet Moon volume 6 sounds like?? now you can find out, the song is real and you can get it on Amazon and iTunes!!!

this has been a long time coming, my friend Ariel and i have been planning this for years. i thought it would never be finished but here it is!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


wow, it's been a long time since my last post. O_o i did a 4-issue Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles story for IDW so i was busy with that until February, and i've been kinda slacking off the past month, doing just little things here and there and doing a lot of drawings just for fun.

right now i've just started working on my last TMNT issue for a while, one issue of the upcoming Turtles in Time mini-series (i'm doing the dinosaur issue!), and then after that it's back to Wet Moon 7 for a bit. i hope it's worth the wait, sorry it's taking so long, Wet Moon really took a hit when i ran into financial troubles back in 2010 or whenever and never recovered.

i can't believe Wet Moon is almost at its 10th anniversary, which will be around the end of this year/early 2015. i want to do something special but i don't know if i'll have time... other sort of big WM news is that i'm pretty sure volume 8 is going to be the final book, and i'll be calling it quits after that, at least for a while. Wet Moon will probably be back after that eventually, but maybe as a spin-off or some other form, not sure yet but i have some ideas.

i don't know if it'll be career suicide to end Wet Moon, but it seems like the right thing to do. i love the characters but i've felt more and more crushed underneath all the storylines i've woven together, i feel like i'm paying for the decisions my 24-year-old self made, and i need to wipe the slate clean and move on. other reasons are i feel like i'm always trying to repurpose Wet Moon to fit with myself as i get older and change as a person, people change a lot in 10 years, and also that with each new book, WM gets more and more inaccessible, i don't want it to become like long-running superhero comics or those Japanese comics that you're interested in until you find out they're 25 volumes long and counting. bleh.

so, we'll see how it goes. thanks, everyone!