Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wet Moon 7 script!

anybody still reading this??

can't believe it's been over a month since i finished Glory. still feels like yesterday. i've been slow to get back to work, which is usually what happens after a big project, but i've managed to finish the Wet Moon 7 script! i'm about to start thumbnailing in the next couple days, i'm excited even though thumbnailing is the most boring stage in my process. it really helps, though, it's totally worth doing it.

Wet Moon 7 is going to be a long book, my scripts are fluid and usually change as i thumbnail so sometimes i'll cut or add pages on a whim depending on how i feel or what ideas i get or change my mind on, but right now it's 260 pages! that includes chapter breaks, though, and it's about 211 pages i actually have to draw, and then there about 25 flashback pages which are going to be drawn by another artist. i won't announce her yet, i don't want her to feel pressured until we really get things rolling. ;) that's a first for Wet Moon, though, a guest artist. gonna be awesome.

i wish i had the speed of my 25-26-year-old self, back when i could do 2-3 pages a day. i was a speed demon. how did i get so slow? did i lose the fire of youth? i want to double my efforts to get back to 2 pages a day, i hope i can do it. and i mean the drawing part, not counting thumbnails or greytones/lettering, just the linework which is the hard part. everything else goes fast. if i could somehow draw at least 2 pages a day, every day or at least most days, i could finish drawing 211 pages in less than 4 months. is it possible???

i'm pretty sure Glen and/or Martin are going to get the cover this time, and i'm thinking of "Winter Sets In" as the subtitle. i wanted to drop the subtitles with volume 6 but my publisher pushed for having one because it makes it easier to identify the book in the Library of Congress or something like that? rather than having the incomplete-looking "Wet Moon 6" on the list or something, so i bent on the subtitle for WM6 and figured i'd keep them going. originally the subtitles started out as kind of meaning something, but then by volume 3 i had sort of turned them into a joke and was trying to make up the most florid, inappropriately-epic-sounding subtitles i could just for fun. so with volume 6 i decided they should mean something again or have some relation to the book.

i wish i could talk more about WM7 but i don't want to totally spoil everything! i might post a couple portions of my script, would anybody be interested in that? probably not too interesting, my scripts are really basic and not detailed since most of it's in my head, but some people like to see process stuff.


  1. I would love to see :) I am glad WM is making so much progress. I really am growing with this graphic novel.

  2. It would be interesting to see your scripts - no matter how basic - or anything that shows your process would be amazing really! But I think I'd be nervous to read anything 'cause I like to read it all at once! I tried to avoid reading the pages of WM6 you'd put on DA before it was released but your art's just too gorgeous not to look lol! Not that it was spoiled so don't worry. :)
    Anyway, glad to see it's in progress! And I'm pretty chuffed that Glen or Martin might get the cover :) I love your guys <3

    1. i have to figure out a script snippet to use that doesn't have any big spoilers! :\ thank you for the compliments about my artwork, i appreciate that! :D and the compliment on my guy characters, i really need to draw more of them.

  3. That's a cool caption. You could even use something to do with Frost to imply the same sort of thing.