Monday, January 21, 2013

Glory: DONE!

i finished Glory last night (my series at Image, written by Joe Keatinge, for anyone not familiar!), it feels strange. i got the Glory job 2 years ago and was juggling the first year of it with Wet Moon 6, and then 2012 was all Glory, so it's been a constant presence. even though i'm done, the final issue doesn't come out until March, but it's basically over for me and i can't believe it. i feel pretty burned out but it's been a great ride, a real challenge. thanks to any of you who have been reading it!!

thank you to everyone who made 2012 such a great year for me, both regarding Glory and Wet Moon!!!

now that it's over, it's time to make up for all that "lost" time and get Wet Moon 7 together. i have a lot written already in outline form that i've been chipping away at in my free time (or procrastination time, heh), and i'm liking what i have so far. i already knew the basics of what volume 7 was going to be but i had a bunch of new ideas while writing, but i can't reveal anything!!! >:D

in its current state it feels like Mara is the main character this time, but of course it's also a lot about Trilby and the fallout from what happened to her. it also has a lot of Martin and Glen which i'm excited about, and Nora and Nissa, Natalie's sisters, have major roles. after the really long Wet Moon volume 3 in 2007 i swore i'd never do a volume that long again, but i'm considering attempting it again for volume 7, or at least making it 200 pages.

i'm also considering having another artist draw a big flashback sequence but that's up in the air at the moment. it might be weird having another artist in a Wet Moon book, but i think it could be cool and interesting. and for the cover i'm thinking Glen and/or Martin, what do you guys think? either him or Nora and Nissa, they would be pretty striking, but it's probably time to get a guy on the cover.

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