Saturday, August 25, 2012


it's real!


  1. I wanna see Penny on the next cover! and wow, Audrey looks so short! how tall is everyone supposed to be anyway?

    1. i'll see what i can do about Penny next volume! i haven't thought much about the volume 7 cover, it's too far off, but i was thinking Glen or Martin might be cool, get a guy on the cover for once, or i was thinking Unknown might be fun.

      Audrey looking super short here is probably more my failure at trying to do a slightly top-down camera angle! XD. she's supposed to be around 5'3" maybe? i'd say Cleo is about 4'9" for comparison, though the characters' heights are a bit inconsistent throughout the series.

    2. Haha, yeah it looks like everyone's pretty short... I can't really relate, I'm quite tall for a female as I'm 5'10 :c man, everyone hates the tall girls I swear it's like it's not normal and ugly or something :S

    3. aw, no! :( Natalie and Penny are a bit taller! i'm looking over my super old character files so stuff's changed since then but Penny is listed as 5'9", and Natalie is 5'7". and actually this file is old enough that Kaysa is included, she's Myrtle and Zia's roommate, and she was 6' but she's yet to make it into the series. :( you should check out my other comic Shadoweyes if you haven't, the character Kyisha is the tallest one in the series.

      or you want tall?? you should check out the Glory series i draw, she's about 8'7"! check her out!! :D

    4. Wow, that's great, I always loved Penny, she's been my favourite character ever since she appeared in the story and I love her name! I love how she has dark hair and glasses, reminds me of myself haha. I'm totally gonna name my future child Penelope~ Wow, EVERYONE but that one girl in the middle is tall xD I haven't read Wet Moon 6 yet as I have yet to see it at the library or any stores... when will we get a mention of Cloe? and it's always interesting to know the little details about characters, I dunno it just makes them seem more real, yanno? like birthdays or something, does everyone or at least the main characters have a set birth date? :-)

    5. hehheh yeah, Glory is full of tall people. the girl in the middle is about 5'-5'2" or something, for comparison.

      i can't say anything about Chloe, the vanishing roommate, that's who you're talking about, right? i can't tell if "Cloe" is Chloe or Cleo with a typo! ;)

      yep, everyone has a birthday, weight, height, birthplace, stuff like that. :D

    6. I coulda sworn it was spelled Cloe o___o yeah I meant Chloe, are we gonna get to know anything about her in any volumes after 6? oh wow, when's Penny's birthday? or Cleo and Trilby? I can't tell about Fern's cause the seasons all look the same cause it's hot all the time in Wet Moon or so it seems x)

    7. i can't say anything about Chloe, it's a secret!! ;)

      Penny's birthday is June 11, Cleo's is March 3, Trilby's is May 9, and Fern's is November 17. the comic hasn't really gone through any seasons yet, it started in late September and volume 6 goes up right before Thanksgiving. if you look some of the characters dress a bit warmer in the later couple books but it's still around 60 degrees and then 50 or so at night.