Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wet Moon 6 page 4

Malady totally pressuring her.

i've never had beer before so i don't know anything about it so i had to do some research and consult people on what beer i should use in this scene. there were a bunch of different ones i was trying to decide between but Colt 45 was the winner, it seemed to me like the best fit.

Zia is so full of it! i like writing her a lot even though if i knew her in real life i would probably find her exasperating.

it's hard doing a scene like this and trying to suggest that there are multiple conversations going on in different parts of the room, but i thought the little indecipherable off-panel word balloons work pretty well. if it's too small to read on your monitor, Fern's balloon in the last panel says "i may be drunk..."

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  1. Aww... Fern's so cute! This looks exactly like the scene from MY first swig of beer - only I wasn't being pressured into it and it wasn't a birthday party :)

  2. bless ferns heart!! I never really liked malady, shes a great character, but in real life I would punch her. loving how cute mara and cleo look though!

  3. Mara and Cleo look so cute together. :D

  4. Probably tastes like watered down horsepiss!!11 (making fun of american beer is so cliche, but I couldn't resist :I I've never tried it anyway)
    I must say, I like that Malady's and Cleo's eyes are smaller again, they just seemed to big for their faces that way. (the smaller lips on eyeryone look better too)
    The thin/long panels work so well.

  5. Awww, Fern's face makes me happy. I've always loved how well you can capture expressions and body language :D