Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wet Moon 6 page 6

meanwhile again! there's a bunch of intercutting in the beginning of this book, i'm sorry! it probably seems awkward in online format but i think it works well in the printed book.

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  1. It's only awkward online because there is so much waiting in between the pages, so it's weeks before we can follow the plot more.

    But no biggie. I've told you plenty of times that I am extremely impatient. I'll deal.

    I have to say, as soon as the print version comes out I will be beating down the door of my comic store as soon as they open.

    1. yeah, the weekly update is kind of awkward. i thought about releasing pages in chunks once a month instead of the page-a-week way but i don't know, i thought it would be more manageable to put a page per post instead of doing a post with like 15 pages in it. :\

      i hope you like the book when it finally comes out!!

  2. Wow, Audrey is so different from Where All Stars Fail to Burn! Was there any particular reason? Or was it just that you tried it out and liked the result like with Cleo's eyes?


    1. part of it was the time gap between books, i hadn't really drawn any of the characters for almost 2 years so they were all bound to change when i went back to them. the other part was i've been concerned over Audrey's appearance mostly in books 3 and 4 being too exaggerated in a racist caricature way, like her lips being really big, etc. i had a couple people express concern over it years ago and i've been thinking a lot about that since so i scaled her cartooniness back a bit.

  3. Hahaha, Audrey XD
    I like the "drunk" word balloons.