Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wet Moon 6 page 2

sorry, another establishing page! i swear it gets going next page.

i'm putting text/commentary/whatever below the page now, so be sure not to miss it!

i liked drawing the tire tracks in Fern's lawn. i figure her wraparound porch + balcony might take the rest of the series to finish. i haven't really gone into it in the comic so far, but the idea is that Fern is remodeling her house and is having the porches rebuilt, and part of the undertaking is that she's hired Penny to do the interior design work.

it's mentioned i think (i hope, sometimes i forget what i've included) at least a couple times that Penny is an interior decorator/designer, and at one point i actually had a whole side story of Penny dealing with her various clients and the melodrama that forms among them, but it was much too sprawling to include in the comic and ended up being whittled down to just Fern. that old story is the reason Penny is named Penny, though, short for Penelope which is a Greek name meaning "weaver" referring to the webs of drama Penny weaves (i believe the name is also considered to be derived from a type of duck, which doesn't quite work but it funny, heh).

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  1. I think the text would be better after the page. Like, first we get to see the tire tracks on the lawn and next we read your comments about them.

    Better than the other way around, in my opinion.

    1. yeah, you're right, it should go below the page. i edited the post!

  2. gorgeous page! i'd read a whole silent comic book walkthru of Fern's house. super cool story about Penny's name, too!!!

  3. I like how you do these kind of "empty" page layouts <3