Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Advocate interview

i recently did a big important interview at The Advocate with Brian Andersen, click here to read it. i talk about coming out as transgender and how it's affected my work, particularly Wet Moon.

i touch on it only briefly but one of the main reasons (the other being money) why Wet Moon is taking so long (and Shadoweyes) is because i was too depressed to work much on my personal comics. it was like Wet Moon and Shadoweyes were too close to home and they represented the life i wanted to leave behind, and being so crushed underneath being trans and trying to figure out what to do, i just couldn't muster up any energy to work on Wet Moon volume 7 in any significant amount. it's been a struggle. since coming out, things have been getting better and i still don't feel 100% but i do feel better than ever. i'm slowly getting there, and so i've been thinking more and more about Wet Moon over the past year and i feel like i'm almost at a place emotionally and mentally that i'll be able to go back to work on it.

i'm not sure when, since i'm tied up with Jem & the Holograms right now and trying to make money to pay for transition expenses, but i'm thinking about doing weekly Wet Moon 7 pages as a webcomic next year. it's a really big book, and maybe if i start small and go page by page i'll be able to get some momentum on it and not feel so overwhelmed.

i miss all the Wet Moon characters! i can still draw pin-ups of them but it's not quite the same.

i want to thank all the fans who have been soooo amazingly patient over the years, you guys have been so awesome. it really means a lot when someone says they'll wait no matter how long it takes for me to finish volume 7, and knowing that people will wait gives me a lot of hope and encouragement. it makes me feel so much less stressed out.

thank you so much for sticking with me through all this.


  1. I was wondering if a volume seven ever came out without my knowledge. The last one was left with such a cliffhanger if I remember correctly. As someone who knows a lot of transgender people I wish you luck through your transition. It's a hard road as I've been told but worth it in the end. Don't let that discourage your creative side though and maybe I'll get to one day read new wet moon soon.

  2. hey dude thanks for the update...sounds like you have had quite a tough time, I hope you stay positive and find a way through your transition. I had always thought Wet Moon must've been a real drain on you cos of the depth of characters and the scale of the emotional journeys they [and you] are all on. While I miss everyone and Id love to read WM7 you are the only person who knows when its ready so when you are I'll be here. Just one question though will you do a physical copy when the digital pages are complete?...take it easy x

  3. Very, very happy for you coming out and showing the world who you are. I cannot say that I can relate and know what it is like, but from the bottom of my heart--a fan of yours for so many years--I send you best wishes and luck with your transition. And of course we are sticking with you... You're worth waiting for! ^_^

  4. I read the article Sophie, congrats on the article & thank you for sharing your struggle with you. I wish you all the best during your transition & beyond Sophie, you are my favorite comicbook creator & I'll always support you no matter what you do.

  5. Love love LOVE your work!! You are amazing.